Thailand Liveaboards

Scuba Diving in Thailand, is something special and is rating on the Top Ten worldwide. The expanding diving and liveaboard market in Thailand, respectively whole South East Asia, sometimes is hard to overlook, easily you can get lost in the jungle of different liveaboard offers and dive cruise operators. 

Asia Liveaboards have listed a great choice of dive boats in different areas and countries, suitable for all budgets, to help you to make the right choice for a lifetime liveaboard experience. This is the most comprehensive source for liveaboard trips for Thailand and we will be adding new boats and destinations as we complete our Liveaboard trips.

We have listed boats for backpacker budgets as well as the top end Liveaboard... You will benefit from our 20 years of experience in liveaboard diving. We can give you honest and solid recommendations on all the Liveaboards we have on offer, just tell us what you want, how much you would like to spend, what your expectations are, from the boat or the dive sites and we will make a few selections for you > lets get started