Tenggol Dive Site - Scuba Diving Malaysia

tenggol dive site malaysiaPulau Tenggol : Pulau Tenggol is about one hour by speedboat from Kuala Dungun (a small coastal town 145 kilometres north of Kuantan, Pahang). The water is among the deepest in east coast Peninsular Malaysia with most dive sites bottoming out at 30 metres. Large rocky outcrops and the boulder-like terrain dominate the seascape.

Pulau Tenggol Bay or Tokong Air Tawar : The well-sheltered bay is excellent for checkout dives and night dives from the shore. Depth gradually increases down the gentle slope to about 20 metres. Hard corals dominate the terrain with sporadic soft corals adding a touch of colour to the monochromatic seascape. It is also one of the favourite sites to locate a diversity of nudibranchs. Shy garden eels can be observed towards the right of the bay at about 18 metres depth on the sandy bottom. Lots of chromis, fusiliers and butterfly fish inhabit the coral garden. Nocturnal animals include the Spanish dancer (large nudibranch swimming in midwater), moray eels and crabs.

Batu Tokong Laut : One of the more popular sites for advance divers seeking out schools of fish. Located in the open sea, the boulder-like terrain features interesting swim through tunnels and crevices for divers to explore. Some of the fish sighted include bat fish, fusiliers, jacks and king fish.

Batu Tokong Kamudi : Extending down to slightly more than 30 metres, the seascape has a good mix of hard and soft corals. Christmas tree worms carpet the face of porite mounds. Expect to see lots of sea anemone, nudibranchs, butterfly fish, wrasses, parrot fish and large snappers.

Getting There There is no regular ferry to the island. You have to contact the local resort operators or any dive centre selling packages to this island. Travel north of Kuantan until you reach Kuala Dungun, the kick off point to the island.