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The Instructor Development Course is designed to train qualified RAID Level 4 Rebreather Divers or equivalent in the use of the RAID programme to teach the RAID Rebreather & Open Circuit programmes from Level 1 through to Level 4 diving with no decompression to a maximum depth of 40 metres

- To be a minimum of 18 years old (subject to local laws).
- Completed and passed RAID Rebreather Levels 1, 2, 3 and Instructor academic sections Quick Quiz and Exams.
- Completed at least one RAID Rebreather Speciality programme/s.
- To be certified as a RAID Level 4 dive master and/or equivalent.
- To have a minimum of 100 logged underwater hours.
- To have the required logged hours on a Rebreather as detailed in the RAID Rebreather Instructor Speciality programme/s
- To submit a RAID Rebreather Level 3 Rescue certificate, and/or equivalent and/or complete, to the satisfaction of the Instructor Trainer, the in water skills of the RAID Rebreather Level 3 programme, whilst carrying a side sling alternative air source cylinder. (It is highly recommended to do the core Rebreather Level 3 course in full).
- Submit a current Rescue Breathing/CPR Training and Oxygen Provider Instructor certificates. (Respond Right / equivalent).
- Subject to the prerequisites of a rebreather Instructor Speciality programme/s.
* Documented proof of prerequisite requirements needs to be presented to the RAID IT Dive Centre and Instructor Trainer for approval prior to any in water training.
** Complete a Instructor Development practical programme with a RAID Instructor Trainer or Examiner.

Conducting Programmes Part 1 and 2

Part 1:  Student Divers
- Level 1 Training (actual/simulated)
- Level 3 Training (actual/simulated)
Part 2: Dive Leadership

Rebreather or open circuit SCUBA Review
- Try Rebreather or Try Open Circuit Dives
- Local Orientation Dive
- Lead certified divers on tour for pleasure
- Persons to dive whilst using RAID Rebreather/s for which the Instructor has completed

-  Passed a Rebreather Instructor Speciality/s and is certified to dive/use.
- Supervise and/or lead recreational and/or training activities.
- Assist a lead RAID Instructor during in water training sessions for courses.
- Guide dives for certified divers to a maximum depth of 40 metres/132 feet.
- Accompany students during in water training exercises.
- Maintain RAID membership.
- Maintain a dive leader attitude at all times when representing RAID.

The IDP covers but not limited to:
- On-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills as detailed.
- Review Personal Diving skills
- Stamina and Watermanship skills
- Rescue Scenarios
- Risk Management Assignments

Introduction and development understanding of Instructor Guide Lines for:
- RAID Level 1 Rebreather Diver
- RAID Level 2 Rebreather Diver
- RAID Level 3 Rebreather Diver
- RAID Level 4 Rebreather Diver

Confined water and open water sessions, totaling a minimum of 6 hours underwater on a rebreather the diver is certified to dive/use.

- Diving in General
- Environment
- Dive Equipment
- Physics
- Physiology
- Rescue
- Management

NOTE: The RAID Sport Rebreather Instructor has to complete and pass an Instructor Speciality programme for each rebreather that the Instructor wants to provide tuition.

CERTIFICATION is subject to:
- Complete and pass the RAID Instructor Examination (IE) conducted by a RAID Examiner within 6 months of purchasing the Sport Rebreather Instructor course and completing the IDP.
- The minimum logged hours, as detailed have been completed.
- All confined and /or open water skills have been acknowledged and accepted on-line (through the RAID web site) as mastered by the certifying RAID instructor and student.
- The RAID Dive Centre has confirmed certification on-line through the RAID web site.









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