Dive RAID - Instructor Crossover

During the RAID Instructor CrossOver Course the emphasis is on introducing you to the RAID System rather than testing your teaching abilities. RAID respects the fact that as certified Diving Instructors you already possess the knowledge and skills to teach and certify student divers. Our focus will be to simply introduce you to the RAID system and show you how to gain the maximum benefit from the support materials provided.

A current certified and renewed Open Water Instructor can cross over and become a RAID Open Circuit Instructor, after meeting the following:
- Minimum of 18 years old.
- Certified renewed certified Instructor / Instructor Trainer / Course Director from a recognised training agency.
- Have certified divers from basic open water diver  to dive leadership levels
- Have a minimum of 75 logged hours underwater or 150 logged dives.
- Submit proof of diver certifications for Navigation, Night / Restricted Visibility, Nitrox (of which at least 10 hours or 20 logged dives for each is required) and Deep (of which at least 10 hours or 20 logged are between 27- 40 m is required) or equivalent.
- Submit a current Rescue Breathing / CPR Training and Oxygen Provider certificates. (Respond Right or equivalent).
- Documented proof of prerequisite requirements needs to be presented for approval piror to in-water training.

Dive RAID - Instructor Crossover

Dive RAID - Instructor Crossover







Dive RAID - Instructor Crossover candidate must complete the following as part of the RAID Instructor CrossOver
- The RAID On-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills as detailed.
- Review Personal Diving skills
- Stamina and Watermanship skills
- Rescue Scenarios
- Risk Management Assignments

Introduction and development an understanding of Instructor Guidelines for:
- RAID Try Dive
- RAID Scuba Diver
- RAID Open Water Diver 20
- RAID Advanced Open Water 35
- RAID Active Rescue Diver
- RAID Nitrox Diver
- RAID Deep Diver 40
- RAID Specialty Diver Programs for which you are certified with your current training agency

Part 1: RAID Online Academic - To complete the following online academic prior to attending the RAID classroom presentation
- RAID Open Water Diver 20
- RAID Open Water Instructor

Academic to be covered online
- Diving in General
- Environment
- Dive Equipment
- Physics
- Physiology
- Rescue
- Management
- Confined Water
- Open Water

Part 2: Dive RAID Skills Circuit – Confined Water
- RAID Buoyancy workshop
- RAID Skill circuit – 12 Basic scuba skills

A certified RAID Open Circuit Instructor is able to, within the Terms and Conditions of the RAID General Diving Standards:
- Teach persons to dive whilst using Open Circuit equipment only.
- Supervise and / or lead recreational and / or open circuit training activities.
- Assist a lead RAID Registered Instructor during in water training sessions for all courses or subject to the Speciality programme.
- Guide dives for certified divers to a maximum depth of 40 metres
- Accompany students during in water training exercises.
- Maintain RAID membership.
- Maintain a dive leader attitude at all times when representing RAID.

- The minimum logged hours, as detailed have been completed.
- You must confirm that you have mastered all the in water skills and be signed off on-line, by both you and your RAID Instructor.
- Certification is completed by Scuba Diving Malaysia on completion of the on-line sign off.    

COST in addition to the RAID Online Registration Fee, the fee for the Instructor Crossover will vary depending on the course requirements.

How to become a RAID Instructor
- Complete the RAID online registration - CLICK HERE
- Purchase the RAID Instructor Crossover program online
- Complete the RAID online theory
- Assign Dive Scuba Diving  Malaysia as your selected RAID Traning Centre
- Contact us here at for further assistance

- Sign up for this course now, CLICK HERE

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Dive RAID - Instructor Crossover