Dive RAID Online E-Learning

Dive RAID Online e-Learning


RAID has the most comprehensive online platform in the world incorporating a unique quality assurance system that helps ensure more consistent quality outcomes.

Secondly we teach to a higher standard compared to many other organisations, like most other training companies we comply to minimum standards as outlined by ISO but to truly ensure better quality and more confident divers we have a much stronger emphasis on core skills, especially buoyancy control. You will generally quickly pick a RAID trained diver because they exhibit excellent buoyancy control.

Why is this important? While with proper training diving is a relatively safe activity, poor buoyancy control has been identified as the greatest cause of incidents in diving. At RAID, safety is our number one criteria and this starts by spending more time in the pool to cement skills- especially buoyancy control- in fact we have drawn upon the skills of the technical dive community (these are like the formulae one of divers who push diving to the extreme limits) to significantly improve buoyancy skills through new techniques they have perfected for extreme diving.

We do not boast about how many people we teach to dive, we speak in terms of how many keep diving once they complete a RAID program. We don't want to just get you certified to dive we want to make sure you are safe and comfortable in the water. Having taught more than anyone else does not help you, in fact what we have seen is ever shorter courses and lower training standards emerge. At RAID we are quality focused

Our team are among the most highly qualified in the world. As a team we felt there needed to be a change in the way people learn to scuba and we are dedicated to raising the standard of diver education around the world.

Your Certification is Internationally recognised, has been reviewed by and meet HSE standard which are among thehighest in the world and they exceed ISO standards.

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All courses may be purchased once you have completed the online registration and then either RAID Online Store or contacting Scuba Diving Malaysia for a complete package price.

If you are already registered, log into your RAID Profile select " RAID ONLINE STORE" " Specialty"  and purchase the course you wsh to complete or contact Scuba Diving Malaysia for an all inclisive course price before you purchase the course.

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Dive Raid welcomes you to the most advanced integrated APP interface. The RAID online training system (www.DiveRAID.com) is the most advanced pro-active quality control learning system ever developed for SCUBA dive training.

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Learn To Scuba

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