RAID Poseidon MKVI Discovery Rebreather

Poseidon Mk6 or SE7EN STD (without manual inflation) Discovery is designed for the sport recreational market 0 - 50m/164ft.
The unit design is a fully automatic closed circuit electronic system requiring no user input underwater and with the concept that if there is a problem the diver switches over to open circuit and ascends.
This unit is targeted for the recreational market, so that many more divers may have the benefits of closed circuit diving without the seriously long and complicated training that is generally required for other closed circuit systems.
Please note divers certified through RAID on the Mk6 or SE7EN STD are not qualified to dive the MK6 or SE7EN with manual inflation. The MK6 or SE7EN MI (manual inflation) is to be treated as a different rebreather and requires additional training.
Minimum age is 15 years at the start of training.
You can LEARN TO DIVE with the Mk6 or SE7EN - simply complete the Rebreather Level 1 and Mk6 SE7EN STD Specialty.
Certified Divers may LEARN TO DIVE the Mk6 SE7EN starting from Rebreather Level 2 or higher dependent upon their experience and complete Mk6 SE7EN STD Specialty.

RAID Certification - MKVI Discovery Rebreather Specialty
Upon successfully passing the MKVI Discovery Rebreather practical training you will receive:
• RAID International Recognized MKVI Discovery Rebreather Certification
• Life Time Access to RAID  On-line logbook
• RAID E-card
• Life time access to RAID MKVI Discovery Rebreather manual

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Dive RAID Poseidon MKVI Discovery Rebreather

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