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About 35 kilometres from the west coast of Kedah state is a cluster of 99 islands collectively known as Langkawi. The name Langkawi actually belongs to the largest inhabited island in the group. In addition to the island's many land and underwater natural beauty, Langkawi's duty-free port status has provided visitors with another reason to visit the island.

langkawi payar dive siteA number of diving operators can be found either located within a hotel or at dive centres around Pulau Langkawi. Most diving is done around Pulau Payar Marine Park Group of islands. Strict conservation laws enforced by Marine Park Rangers around the islands have resulted in prolific marine life. A unique highlight in Pulau Payar is the presence of up to 20 juvenile black tip sharks providing excitement to the many snorkellers who visit the Marine Park centre. Although at times the plankton-rich waters can be reduce visibility, the abundance of fish makes up for it, fusiliers, jacks, black tip sharks, barracudas and groupers are sighted on a regular basis.

Coral life is a mixture of hard and soft corals. Pulau Kaca is a favourite for easy, shallow wreck diving, with dozens of sunken fishing trawlers providing refuge for a variety of marine animals. The Pulau Payar group of island offers the best diving along the west coast.