Pangkor Island - Malaysia Dive Sites

pangkor island diving malaysiaLumut, the kick off point to Pulau Pangkor and Pulau Sembilan, is only about 2½ hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Boats from Lumut will take about an hour to ferry you to the islands. Most diving around Pulau Pangkor is done around the Pulau Sembilan group of islands located 27 kilometres south. The nine islands are uninhabited and any trips have to be arranged with local dive operators based in Kuala Lumpur. Usually when the diving season in East Coast islands wind down from November to March, local divers will head for Pulau Sembilan.

Hard corals dominate the seascape with several large boulders carpeted with sponges. Fusiliers, jacks, parrot fish, hump head wrasses, barracudas, nudibranchs and sometimes the odd seahorse, can be seen. The most popular site is White Rock. It is a steep solitary rock visible above water with a lighthouse built on it. Visibility is usually better when dived with slight currents.

Currents sweeping the site can sometime get a little too strong for divers and caution must be practiced. Groupers, stingrays and other reef fish can be observed hiding in between the many crevices of the boulders.