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We are drawn to the ocean by a force of nature. While most will be left to stare with fascination at the surface wondering what lies beneath, as a diver you are able to plunge into a whole new world of adventure, beauty and wonder.
Seven tenths of our world is covered by ocean and yet only a relative few will see what the underwater world has to offer. From the tiniest of creatures that will fascinate with their unrivaled beauty to the truly awe inspiring giants of the ocean you will be amazed.

Scuba Diving in Malaysia Dive Courses on Pulau Perhentian, Tioman Island,  Layang Layang, Borneo and Sipadan Island Both Scuba & FreeDiving Diving offers something for everyone, you choose the adrenaline level. From an easy dive floating in mid water watching the world go by to an action packed deep wreck or cave dive.

Scuba Diving Malaysia can  teach you to dive, we have courses for every level on our unique online training system, from beginner to instructor in almost every type of diving. Once you complete one program select your next - the adventure never stops. You can carry the activities you love on land and take them underwater,

Your vacation will become much more than an excuse to sit around the pool enjoying a few drinks. It will become an opportunity to explore new dive sites and meet new people who love life as much as you.

Once you become a Scuba Diver you can join your local Scuba Dive Centre as they travel the globe looking for the world's hottest dive sites.

There are some incredible dives almost anywhere there is water. You will meet new friends and be part of the sub culture of people who love life and live to dive.

Scuba Diving Malaysia

Scuba Diving in Malaysia is made up of three main regions covering over a thousand individual islands. There are 38 designated marine parks in the country as well as 19 on land. The regions are Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo in the east and Peninsular Malaysia in the west. The best scuba diving in Malaysia is around the following Dive Sites.

  1. Pulau Payar
  2. Pulau Pangkor
  3. Pualu Aur
  4. Pulau Tioman
  5. Pulau Tenggol
  6. Pulau Kapas
  7. Pulau Redang
  8. Pulau Lang Tengah
  1. Pulau Perhentian
  2. Pulau Talang-Talang
  3. Pulau Labuan
  4. Pualu Layang-layang
  5. Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
  6. Pulau Lankayan
  7. Pulau Mabul & Kapalai
  8. Pulau Sipadan

Scuba Diving in Malaysia -  

Dive Courses on Pulau Perhentian, Tioman Island,  Layang Layang, Borneo and Sipadan Island

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